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The silkworm

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The silkworm

Size: silkworms become bigger and thicker than adult grasshoppers. They are therefore ideal food for larger reptiles. You can also buy them young and grow up to the right size yourself.

Make sure: you always have to move crickets and grasshoppers to a larger house, refill them and provide them with moisture, otherwise they will die quickly. With silkworms, this is just as true that you can now ‘educate’ yourself with just a little silkworm food. This means that you can buy them young and grow them yourself with the special food in the right size for your reptiles, as mentioned before. Noise from escaped food animals: silkworms never escape (and make no noise). Provided you feed them constantly. They’ll be eating all their lives and you won’t be bothered by noisy crickets behind your fridge.

Add silkworms to your reptiles: nothing simpler than the silkworm!

You place a bowl/dish in your terrarium with a piece of food on it. The silkworms take you there (all) and they stay here all day to eat and therefore do not escape. Your reptiles walk there to catch them when they are hungry, while the silkworms are full of nutrients while they eat 24 hours a day. You’ll never forget to feed your reptiles on time.

Nutritional value: there is no insect available in the pet shop that is as nutritious as the silkworm. They are even cultivated for people to make medicines from. Silkworms contain an enormous amount of protein and few fats. It also contains substances that convert calcium better for bone production. Adult silkworms are equal to the nutritional value of about six to seven mature crickets. By way of comparison: the silkworm has more proteins and less fat. In addition, silkworms do not contain chitin, which makes them more digestible than chitin-containing feed animals. The nutritional value of the silkworm corresponds to about 2-3 adult grasshoppers, with an excellent calcium phosphorus ratio for reptiles. In addition, the silkworm contains an enzyme “Serrapeptase”, which promotes and facilitates the absorption of calcium. The enzyme is also known for its efficacy in oedema, inflammation and, in particular, respiratory diseases. The silkworm is therefore an ideal feed for healthy but also sick animals that need an extra dose of strength.

Silkworm food: there is always some food in the trays, but it is usually ready within a few days. Always order a silkworm food, feed the silkworm every day (food). Without this feed, your silkworms won’t last long. They eat 24 hours a day, which is very good for your own reptiles. Feeding your food animals is just as important as feeding your reptiles. If you run out of food on the silk caterpillar, they will usually live a few more days. 

In short:
– Best nutritional value of all food animals
– Better absorption of calcium
– High concentration of proteins for muscle growth and immune system
– Do not escape
– No sound
– No dead food animals
– Constantly fresh food animals Easy to store / grow in your terrarium
–  Your reptiles can eat and choose the size whenever they want
– Special food available!