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Chow powder 1kg

Item No.: 139

Chow powder
per 100 grams

By creating the chow yourself you save a fair amount of money.
here a description of how to prepare chow powder.

Preparation of Chow:

What do you need;

1 microwave resistant plastic bowl / measuring cup of at least 1 liter!

1 stick mixer o.i.d.

1 electric kettle,

1 microwave (800watt),

1 microwave safe Fresh holding foil

And a spoon.


You take 100 grams of Chow and keep a ratio of 1: 2, that comes down to it

That on 100 grams of Chow, 330 grams of HOT just does not boil water.

After this is in a measuring cup or bowl, you mix this well until you have one

Get nice even substance. Stir the edges well with the spoon because there remains

Often a lot of powder. After that you are finished with this, you cover it with

Transparent foil and put this in the microwave for 3 minutes at the highest setting!

Through the foil you will see that it comes up, and you can also keep an eye on it

Or not completely flooded. After 3 minutes we remove the foil, pay attention to a glove

Or tea towel for this, you stir the whole for a minute and then turn it off again

Cover and put in the microwave for 1 minute.

After this you do everything well by stirring and you can cover it. We always lay the foil

On top of the Chow instead of covering the tray. Let it cool down before you increase it.

Up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator, and a year in the freezer.

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