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ST* Vit-All Breeder Bag 2721 gr

Vit-all is the ideal product to supply reptiles and amphibians with the necessary vitamins and amino acids.

For years, Miner-All has been the leading product to supply reptiles and amphibians with minerals. However, it is not possible to mix minerals, vitamins and amino acids because this will eventually break down the vitamins. It was previously necessary to provide the animals with vitamins in a different way. However, the already existing products did not meet the correct requirements. Often it contains toxic amounts of vitamin A or Beta carotene was used instead. The latter, however, dissolves when it comes into contact with air and when Beta carotene is packaged in a miniscule capsule to prevent breakage, it becomes so large that it does not stick to the food animals. So quickly or too much or too little vitamin A or beta carotene was given.

The only good way to give beta carotene is to first have it eat by food animals. Vit-All contains all vitamins and amino acids in a safe and sufficient ratio. Vit-all is diluted with water so that a substance is created that is liked to be eaten by food animals. When the food animals have eaten the Vit-all, the food animals can be given as vitamin bombs to the reptiles and / or amphibians. Vegetarians can simply get Vit-All scattered over their food.

It is no longer necessary to have 101 different food supplements in house to achieve a good ratio of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The combination of Vit-All as feed to the food animals and then the food animals to powder with Miner-All is all you need animals in this area. Providing Vit-All and Miner-All in combination with other food supplements is strongly discouraged because it disturbs the right proportions.
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