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ST* Miner-All Indoor Breeder Bag 3628 gr

Miner-All has been tested for reptiles in captivity for more than a decade.
Both Miner-All products do not combine vitamins with minerals. Miner-All indoor contains vitamin D3 but it is packed in a tiny capsule so that it does not come into contact with the minerals. Mixing non-packaged vitamin with minerals ensures that the vitamins dissolve within a few hours. Miner-All outdoor contains no vitamin D3 and is intended for animals that are exposed to natural sunlight or kept with T-rex Uvheat lamps.
Miner-All also contains no vitamin A.
Vitamin that lasts longer than other vitamins when mixed with minerals is, like D3, a dangerous vitamin that can lead to mortality if overdosed.

Miner-All uses limestone (calcium carbonate) as a calcium supplement of an extremely fine composition. Calcium carbonate is itself more sticky than other calcium supplements so it sticks better to food animals. The Calcium carbonate used in Miner-All consists of softer and more round particles, making it easy to absorb in the body. Calcium obtained from, for example, ground oyster shells is much harder and flaky. It can also contain heavy metals (lead etc.) that can lead to poisoning.
The best calcium / phosphorus ratio is 2: 1 for reptiles. Unfortunately, insects contain much more phosphorus than calcium. That is why Miner-All does not contain any phosphorus to bring the balance back into balance.

Miner-All contains many trace elements found in the muscles and bones of reptiles from the wild. This shows that reptiles absolutely need these trace elements. Miner-All is the best-selling reptile food supplement is the United States and Japan and is now also available in Europe. Zoos, veterinarians and top breeders worldwide recommend it.
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